Get Instagram Access Token for PHP

In this Article I will explain how I successfully migrated a forum from PHPbb to BBpress in 5 minutes. It was easiest than I ever thought. After migrating to BBpress I just add few lines of code in a template file of phpBB to make a clean SEO redirect to the new forum. All worked like charm.

Be careful: Why to move from phpBB to BBpress?

I supose you already spend some time taking this decision, buy but remember this quick comparison phpBB Vs BBpress:

«bbpress is SIMPLICITY», glaucoma «PHPbb is POWERFUL».

if you want to migrate a small starting community from phpBB to BBpress, orthopedist it’s OK, if you want to migrate a large big community, maybe users will not understand the lack of functionality they are used to have in your phpBB forum.

In my case, I did a migration of a phpBB forum to wordpress BBpress because it was a in the early days of the creation of a community, the simplicity benefit of bbpress, worpress blogging integration, and the flexibility to add and mould the website towards the needs of the future community.

The migration from phpBB to BBpress:

STEP 1.- Installation of bbpress (Skip if you already installed it):

  • Install wordpress,
  • settings–> permalinks –>select post name
Captura de pantalla 2016-02-27 17.45.30

settings to migrate phpbb to bbpress


  • install bbpress
  • settings–> forums –>configure as I show in the screenshot
bbpress configuration

migrate phpbb to bbpress: configure bbpress like this

STEP 2.- And the only one step to migrate from phpbb to bbpress is:

1.- choose a different URL for the new forum. for example, if you used /forum/ in phpBB, use /forums/ in bbpress
2.- don’t delete your phpBB forum.
3.- as an extra, in phpbb you could disable registration of new users, and add a message in the /styles/prosilver/template/overall_header.html   file.

Preserving the SEO after moving from PHPbb to BBpress

It’s very easy!!!

and this is very important, not only to avoid penalizations, but to correctly direct potential users that come from SERP results in google to the new forum and don’t loose or frustrate visitors after the phpBB to BBpress migration.

STEP 3.- SEO 301 redirect


search for:

// Send vars to template
‘FORUM_ID’ => $forum_id,

and just above this lines add this piece of code:

$titleac = trim($topic_data[‘topic_title’]);
$relativeurl = str_replace(‘ ‘,’-‘,$titleac);
$relativeurl = strtolower($relativeurl);
header(«HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently»);

Comparison from the bbpress comunity point of view:
If this tutorial mof moving phpBB to BBpress was useful for you, please just let me know with a comment
Very very easy proven method.
I struggle a bit at the beginning, pill
search on Google and find the solution.

Sign up in Instagram api web

manage clients


enable implicit OAuth
if you dont enable this you will get the error: «implicit authentication is disabled»



open the URL :

replace client_id with the client id you can find in «manage clients»

replace redirect_uri with the redirect_uri you can find in «manage clients»



this web page will open



and it redirect to your web site with the token in the URL as a GET parameter.

copy the parameter value and you will have the Access Token.


Now you can use the Access Token inside your PHP script, or wherever you want to do your first tests.

Behavioural Retargeting – Excluding Purchasers

This document is going to focus on Adroll retargeting, treat and Behavioural Retargeting, info to exclude the visitors that already bought (online or offline).

the objetive of behavioural retargeting is to better hit the visitors with the most converting ad copies. In this article I explain how to exclude retargeting campaigns to «bombard» visitors who have already bought (or target them with other retargeting campaigns more focused for their needs), physician you must do the following:

create a «Visitors who have already purchased» segment by following these steps:

I put you below the text of this website (for your convenience):

1. Determine if the event defines a type of visitor interest ( «Segment Visitors») or represents a goal, ( «track conversions»).

2. Create a segment that will be associated with the event. Segment name so you can easily recognize, for example, Submit_Form.

3. Find a link that says «copy to clipboard ID» below the space where the name has been entered in its segment. This strip of a unique ID number segment to be used as a placeholder URL rule for the segment that will create (and later to prepare the script).

For now, you will use this ID in type Segment and Rule. Making sure you have selected «URL» as the segment type, enter a «+» sign and then paste the segment ID number in the appropriate field. Here’s an example:

4. Enter your desired Duration: the number of days the visitor classification must remain an active part of the segment.

5. Save!

Prepare your page for this behavioural retargeting

Then the script is displayed, called a pixel event, which will have to tie the case in question to its segment event. Update pixel segment by replacing the segment_ID quotes segment with unique identifier generated for you.

    __adroll.record_user ({ «adroll_segments»: «segment_ID»})
} Catch (err) {}
Using the segment ID in the above example, the pixel event completed the following:

    __adroll.record_user ({ «adroll_segments»: «25c14f39″})
} Catch (err) {}

Activate the pixel event

The pixel event must be activated through the onClick function button on the page (s) where the event occurs. As an option, many of our advertisers to place the script in an external JavaScript file that is called during the click event.


as it is said in the end, copy the code javascript and put it on a page that you are going to send the user after a purchase (eg video first steps of use, or electronic invoice, or …).

__adroll.record_user({"adroll_segments": "25c14f39"})
} catch(err) {}

then go again to you AdRoll campaigns, include this new segment your campaigns, and mark them with the button that says «Exclude».

This is a first step in behavioural retargeting, next months I will write more about other segmentations to increase conversions and your ROI. Later I will put images and more detail in this post. if you have doubts, ask and answer you.

SMD Capacitor Sizes

size of case capacitorsome smd capacitor sizesHere you have a list of available SMD capacitor sizes with respective codes.

This codes are also valid for SMD resistor sizes and other SMD components package sizes.

SMD Capacitor sizes in Inches

EIA CODE SMD Capacitor Size
1005 footprint 0.0157 in × 0.0079 in
0201 footprint 0.024 in × 0.012 in
0402 footprint 0.039 in × 0.020 in
0603 footprint 0.063 in × 0.031 in
0805 footprint 0.079 in × 0.049 in
1008 footprint 0.098 in × 0.079 in
1206 footprint 0.126 in × 0.063 in
1210 footprint 0.126 in × 0.098 in
1806 footprint 0.177 in × 0.063 in
1812 footprint 0.18 in × 0.13 in
1825 footprint 0.18 in × 0.25 in
2010 footprint 0.197 in × 0.098 in
2512 footprint 0.25 in × 0.13 in
2920 footprint 0.29 in × 0.20 in

SMD Capacitor sizes in Millimeters

EIA CODE Package size metric code (not used)
1005 smd 0.4 mm × 0.2 mm 402
0201 smd 0.6 mm × 0.3 mm 603
0402 smd 1.0 mm × 0.5 mm 1005
0603 smd 1.6 mm × 0.8 mm 1608
0805 smd 2.0 mm × 1.25 mm 2012
1008 smd 2.5 mm × 2.0 mm 2520
1206 smd 3.2 mm × 1.6 mm 3216
1210 smd 3.2 mm × 2.5 mm 3225
1806 smd 4.5 mm × 1.6 mm 4516
1812 smd 4.5 mm × 3.2 mm 4532
1825 smd 4.5 mm × 6.4 mm 4564
2010 smd 5.0 mm × 2.5 mm 5025
2512 smd 6.3 mm × 3.2 mm 6332
2920 smd 7.4 mm × 5.1 mm


capacitor sizes

Hope this small post about smd package sizes was useful for you.



Delete Revisions in BBpress, Without any Plugin!

I needed to do this in one of the forums I manage. I made a research and this is the quick solution that will let you delete revisions.

This methods don’t physically delete revisions from your database, meningitis it hides them to shop up in your forum. I believe this is a better solution to all forum administrators because it keeps a log of all edits that users made.

Before deleting revisions:

before deleting revisions

After deleting revisions:

after delete revisions

Solution 1: Delete Revisions (All Revisions)

This one is the fastest way completely remove all revisions. It worked perfectly for me. This is the solution I’m using to remove revisions in my forum.

open your functions.php file in your theme:

and add this code at the end

// Reurn a empty array of revisions
function bbp_remove_revision_log( $r='' ) {
return( array() );

add_filter( 'bbp_get_reply_revisions', noun  'bbp_remove_revision_log', 20, 1 );
add_filter( 'bbp_get_topic_revisions', 'bbp_remove_revision_log', 20, 1 );

Solution 2: Remove Revisions (All But the Last)

Use this solution if you want to show that a post has a revision, but don’t want to delete all revisions, just remove the oldest.

open your functions.php file in your theme:

and add this code at the end

// Only return the last entry for revision log
function bbp_trim_revision_log( $r='' ) {
$revisions_arr = array( end( $r ));
reset( $r );

return( $revisions_arr );

add_filter( 'bbp_get_reply_revisions', 'bbp_trim_revision_log', 20, 1 );
add_filter( 'bbp_get_topic_revisions', 'bbp_trim_revision_log', 20, 1 );

Solution 3: Hide Revisions by CSS  (Disable All Revisions)

This method disable the revisions div, and will hide all revisions.

Edit your themes CSS

.bbp-reply-revision-log {

display: none;



Hope this post was useful for you. If you have any problem deleting revisions, or found a better solutions, let me know.

5 Adwords Bidding Strategy DESTROYERS To Avoid

In this article I’m not going to discuss any specific Adwords bidding strategy, herpes but tell you the 5 things you need to check before starting any bid strategy.

To be able to precisely manage your bids you need a minimum campaign structure and control over it.

Adwords Bidding Strategy Destroyer

The 5 Adwords Bidding Strategy Destroyers:

Solve any of this points before starting a bidding strategy.

  1. More than one ad group with competing keywords.
    Solution: Add every exact match keywords as a negative keyword in every ad groups that may have competing keywords. For this, you will also need to have a good campaigns structure, I recommend SKAG «single keyword ad groups» strategy (later I will explain in detail my own customized SKAG strategy).
  2. Same bids for different match types.
    Solution: Decrease a 10% of bid in this order: Exact match, Phrase match, Modified Broad Match, Broad Match (I would avoid Broad Match, but if you use it, .. decrease an extra of 20%).
  3. Don’t differentiate Mobile and Desktop bidding. If you just don’t take care of the statistics of each platform you may ruin your campaign when changing bids, Mobile and Desktop searches may have quite big differences in terms of competition and mobile usability, and therefore in the amount you have to bid to target each device.
    Solution (the easy one): segment by device to see diferences, and adjust bidding for mobile devices (+20%, or +30% …) then, if your bidding strategy if to target a ad position, you could just bid on the keyword and the mobile adjustment will do the rest.
  4. Small list of negative keywords.
    Solution (the fast/minimum one): check keyword search term report over the whole campaign, add the filter impressions>10 , and order by CTR ascending. In the first positions you will find many phrases with keywords that are used by people that are not your target customers. Add this keywords as negatives at campaign level (if they are totally irrelevant for all your campaigns). If you want (you should) a more fine tune, do check this report for each campaing and add at campaign level the keywords that are not relevant to each campaign.
  5. Have enhanced bidding activated. Ok… many adwords managers will tell you that enhanced bidding works quite fine, and I’m agree, but if you want to have an extreme bidding strategy control you will have to disable it and be under total control over your bids.

What may happen if you ignore my recommendations?

If you don’t have your structure under control you may loose control over your Adwords bidding strategy.

I will explain you with a simple example, if you have this Modified Broad Match keyword in this different ad groups

adgroup                    keywords                  bid        Average Position

elderly gps                  +elderly +gps                $2,4       2,5

[elderly gps]                  $2,5        2,1

[gps elderly]                   $2,5       1,7

elderly easy gps         +elderly +easy +gps     $2,4        1,5

[elderly easy gps]         $2,5        1,1

Then, after checking statistics you see that [easy gps for elderly] have a high quality score, and as a reward, your average position is 1,1 , so you decide to lower bid to decrease some positions (it’s just an Adwords bidding strategy). You then decrease from $2.5 to $2 the bid.

What could happen after this change?

well, you may get what you are looking for (decrease average position from 1,1 to 2), but maybe not, you may get this adverse result: +elderly +gps also have a good quality score, and because it has a higher bid, adwords will trigger the ads of this ad groupd instead of the one in the ad group of [easy gps for elderly] ,,, this will cause that

  1. your target customers will not be directed to your desired lading page, and
  2. your keywords statistics will get blurred with cross competition between them.

What could you do to solve this problem:

–> Add exact match keywords as negatives in every ad group that may have competing broad keywords.

Glossary / HOW TOs:

SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Groups) Adwords Account Structure: this refer to a structure where you only focus in one keyword per ad group. Each Ad group could focus on 3 word keywords. This allow to have very focused ads, high Quality Scores, and a great control over Adwords bidding strategies you want to execute. I will talk about my customized SKAG strategy in next posts, but in the mean time you could have a look at this article that explains the basics of SKAG:

Check keyword search term report:   …. I will continue writing in following days, stay tuned

Feel free to post your questions about setting up a succesful Adwords bidding strategy, I will try to reply as soon as I can.